About our Wrist Shots

IWC 371491 Wrist Shot (1 of 1) small.jpg

Who doesn't love a great wrist shot?  I think it's safe to say we all do!  That is why we put in the time and effort to provide what we feel is a great value add to our clients - a wrist shot for each watch we sell.  It's a tedious process and added layer of work for sure. Each watch that comes in - whether new or pre-owned - gets a wrist shot in addition to our standard listing photos.  Why go through all the effort to provide a wrist shot for each watch we sell?  Many reasons, but first and foremost, because we are watch enthusiasts just like you. We take pride in our work and enjoy the process. Lastly we feel our clients appreciate seeing what each watch actually looks like on a wrist. We hope you enjoy this quick write-up on our process. 


Behind the Scenes

Here is a sneak peak of our studio space and wrist shot photography set up.  This is a completely separate studio from our standard listing photos studio.  As you can see, we use multiple lights, backdrop, and white board to maximize exposure, minimize glare, and block out unwanted reflections.  Each watch presents its own unique challenge - anti-reflective coatings (or not), polished center links, ceramic bezels, etc. - but we are committed to the process.

1 Wrist Shot Work (2 of 3) small.jpg


Wrist Size?

The model's wrist you see in each shot measures just a tick above 7 inches.  

1 Wrist Shot Work (1 of 3) small.jpg


Clothing Selection

As we all know, each watch is unique.  Whether it be from the tool-like look of a Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional to an elegant IWC Portuguese - each watch has its own flair.  This is why we decided to take our wrist shots on a common, middle ground business casual ensemble.  This classic look gives us options to choose from various color chinos, belts, and shirts to best match each watch.

1 Wrist Shot Work (3 of 3) small.jpg


Enjoy !

We hope you enjoyed this quick write up and behind the scenes look at the work involved in taking our wrist shots.  While all of our wrist shots can be seen in each watch's separate listing, below are a few of our most recent favorites.  

116655 (1 of 1) small.jpg
1Rolex Seadweller Deep Sea wrist small.jpg
1 Day Date Small.jpg
1 Patek 5524g (1 of 5).jpg
1 Daytona wrist shot small.jpg
1 speedy small.jpg
1 iwc pilot chrono leather wrist shot small.jpg
1 Black Bay wrist shot small.jpg
1 polaris wrist shot small.jpg
1 SM300 wrist shot small.jpg
1 EXPII wrist shot small.jpg
1 portuguese wrist shot small.jpg
1 reverso wrist shot small.jpg
1 Daytona wrist shot small.jpg
1 Wrist Shot Cartier small.jpg
1 FOIS wirst shot small.jpg
1 Hulk Wrist Shot small.jpg
1 OP Wrist Shot Small.jpg
1 iwc wrist shot small.jpg
1 SD4K Wrist SHot Small.jpg
1 Wrist Shot Autavia Small.jpg
1 Wrist Shot Small.jpg
1 iwc pilot chrono wrist shot small.jpg
1 reverso small.jpg
1 Kermit Wrist Shot (1 of 1) small.jpg